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Central Government Has Invested Over 200 Billion in Energy Conservation and Other Recent China Environmental Law, Public Participation, and Climate News

Central Government Has Invested Over 200 Billion RMB in Energy Consumption and Environmental Protection During 11th FYP Period (Google Translate)

Earlier this week Xie Zhenhua, Vice Minister of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), stated that the central government has invested over 200 billion RMB on energy efficiency and environmental protection during the 11th five-year plan period. This amount accounts for only 10%-15% of total investment in this area across the nation. (Source: CHINANEWS)
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Announcing the Release of the Pollution Information Transparency Index (PITI) in English

We are pleased to release the English version of our 2008-09 Pollution Information Transparency Index (PITI), a collaboration between the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). As you may recall, PITI is an evaluation and ranking of environmental transparency in 113 Chinese cities. We released these results (in Chinese) last summer and the response has been very positive.

At the end of last year, we learned that China Economic Times, an influential national Chinese newspaper, selected PITI as one of the top ten environmental events of 2009, saying:

[PITI] can be called a model of non-governmental organizations playing their role of supervising government. Here, NGOs have not simply relied on passion and a spirit of protecting environmental interests, but have drawn from the power of expertise, and used legal channels and dialogue with the government. Continue reading 阅读全文 » Add comment 发表评论(0)

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The Rivers Run Red: what can we learn from the recent spate of environmental accidents in China?

It has been a horrible month for China’s environment.  Last week while workers in northeast China pulled more than 3,000 barrels – each containing 170 kilograms (374 lbs.) of flammable chemicals – out of the Songhua River, a plastics factory in Nanjing burned, China’s largest-ever oil spill engulfed the waters of Dalian, and acid overflowing a mine poisoned the Ting River in the southern province of Fujian, killing nearly two million kilograms of fish and putting local populations at severe risk.  It has not been any better in the U.S., as the BP oil spill worked through its fourth month, … Continue reading 阅读全文 » Add comment 发表评论(0)

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Zijin Mining Group’s Inadequate Disclosure of China Acid Spill – What Needs to be Done?

[11 Chinese environmental groups issued a letter to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchanges last week calling for greater environmental transparency for listed companies in the aftermath of the Zijin Mining chemical spill: NGO呼吁沪港两交易所完善上市公司信息披露制. NRDC supports this call and signs on to the letter. The following is an English translation of the original letter.] Regarding Zijin Mining Group’s Suspected Intentional Delay in Disclosing Information about its Pollution Incident An Open Letter to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange: We would like to call to the attention of the … Continue reading 阅读全文 » Add comment 发表评论(0)

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